What I really wanted were the oreos….

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There I was watching my favorite TV show and suddenly, a craving.  I wanted the double stuffed oreos that were in my kitchen. Yes, I have junk food in my pantry….well not much, but I have some. Here comes the self talk-which I do often when it comes to my cravings.  I’m not sure if those junk food cravings will ever go away but I’ve learned self control which took me a while when it came to indulging in my favorite foods.

When it comes to making a choice in which foods to intake, you have to look at the bigger picture.  What are your goals? The small choices and steps you make each day will make a big difference, whether its the right or wrong choice. For me, indulging in my not so healthy favorite snacks, can become a whole day to a whole week to a whole year of just eating whatever I want.  Yep, for me, it went a whole 2 years of not caring what I put into my body. Eating whatever I want, won’t get me anywhere with my health and fitness goals. I mean,  I still eat whatever I want, but I’ve learned self control and educated myself on macronutrients and micronutrients-how I can make wiser food choices.  I’ll address that in my next post. Lets take a look at the macronutrients of the Double Stuf Oreos vs. my yogurt mix, pictured above.

Double Stuf Oreos

Serving Size: 2 cookies (But who really is going to eat just two cookies)

Calories 140

Carbs: 21g Sugars:13g (So really 34g of Carbs)

Fats: 7g

Protein: Less than 1g

Yogurt Mix

Calories 309

Carbs: 33g

Fats: 12g

Protein: 21g

Now who really is going to just eat 2 oreos?  I know I would probably eat a whole sleeve, especially if I am hungry. Actually, I have! In making a wiser choice with my greek yogurt mix which has 70% dark chocolate, granola and chia seeds, I was able to get more protein in, good fats, and just about the same amount of carbs as if I were eating 2 oreos.  Lets say I ate a whole sleeve of oreos (if you look it up its about 15 cookies), my calories for those 15 cookies would be 1,050 and my macronutrient intake would be 157 grams of Carbs, 52 grams of fat and 7 grams of protein. And thats just your snack, thats not including all the other foods you eat for the day.  Hmmmm…..I’ll take the yogurt mix please.


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