To Travel Is To Live-Samana, Dominican Republic. Part I

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“Vicky, when is your spring break? I looked it up, looks like y’all are off the same week as down here.  So with that said, we’re taking a trip to DR during that week.  Daddy said he would already take care of the kids for you. Treat yourself after working so hard all these years going to school and stuff.”-My Big Brother

The text message that sparked it all.

I always wanted to travel but just didn’t know where to begin or I would think “Can I even go? I have 2 kids, single mother and so much responsibility. Would it ever be possible?”

Finally the day came. Monday, April 2nd and my brother, sister in law and nephew were on the plane, all ready to go. “We have a slight delay, we need to de-ice the plane.  It will just be a few moments and we will be on our way.”  A few moments pass by and now we need to de-plane because the snow was coming down heavy.

Now we are missing our connecting flight and had to go see if there was another flight we can get on that day.  Turns out, the Spirit Airline representative told us there was nothing leaving until Thursday April 5th.

We had reservations at the Dominican Tree House Village until Friday April 6th. “Looks like we can’t go anywhere.”  My brother, my sister in law and I just looked at each other and were brainstorming what could we do instead. We thought that maybe we could go to Florida and do something there.

“Is this really happening to me? Wow, now I have to stay in NY for spring break.  This wonderful tripped planned and I can’t even go on it.  Something always has to happen to me.” These were my thoughts.

“I found you a flight on another airline that leaves tomorrow morning for $367. Leaves from JFK straight to Santo Domingo on Jet Blue,  but you have to book it now because there are only 4 seats left.”


Tuesday, April 3rd, on a 3 and a half hour flight to Santo Domingo.  We Made it. Thanks to the Spirit Airline representative who didn’t have to check for us, but did.


The next 3 nights and 3 days, my perspective on life was forever changed. It made me appreciate what I have and I have a new found respect for people and their culture.  I stepped out of my comfort zone in many ways and I am grateful for the journey of GROWTH.

Stay Tuned for Part II



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