There are so many goals we want to achieve but because the results seem so far away, sometimes we give up without ever trying.

I am learning to embrace the process versus worrying about the results.

Over a year ago, I rededicated myself to my fitness journey and vowed to put myself first so I can be better for the rest of the world to whom I serve, whether it’s at home with my kids, my students who I teach, the boys I coach or just in general.

But sometimes, we can stop our progress because of fear of failure, fear of not getting it, or fear of looking stupid.

Today, I tried doing a handstand which is one of the movements you see in Crossfit workouts and events. When the handstand are programmed in our workout, I’ve always stuck to just my comfort zone of using the wall.

Last week, we practice the handstand skill and I decided to just go to the floor with a spotter.  And for a few tries I used the spotter but still wasn’t truly aware of my body and how to control it because I knew someone would be there to catch me.

I decided today to just go for it and really try to get my hips over shoulders and keep everything tight as we were told in class. “Squeeze those glutes, Victoria,” is what I tried to think of.

After a few tries I finally got it and held it for about two seconds.  TWO SECONDS, y’all. That’s a big deal to me. What is that saying? Slow progress is better than none and before I couldn’t even get those hips over my shoulders unless I had someone there with me and today, I did it solo.

I always saw this movement as something that I would probably never get or it would take me a long time.  And there are some other areas in my life that I look at and think the same thing, but I’ve learned that failing forward is the way to go because I at least tried and I’m learning from my mistakes.

It took me over 15 tries to get those two seconds but I was listening to feedback from my body and the more I did it, the more I trusted myself, upside down!

I use my handstand as an example but this fear that we have in trying something new that seems “far-fetched” for us or attempting something that we failed at before, can be applied in every situation. We need to not fear so much, and just go for it because you just never know whats going to come of it.

It is better to try than to sit back and wonder, what if????


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