Social media is a bittersweet environment for some….well I’ll speak for myself.  Scrolling through feeds, seeing all these perfect bodies, thin waist, beautifully shaped hips, and smooth skin.

Everyday, we feed ourselves by scrolling and scrolling and we get this idea of what the perfect body is suppose to look like.

I remember working out at a gym for a summer, and a trainer asking me after two months, “What do you do for your stomach?”  I was puzzled by his question and I’m sure it wasn’t his intention, but his question, made me think  back to the “perfect” body.  He said everything else was looking good but my stomach needed some work.

My fitness journey to attaining the perfect body, didn’t last long.  The gym, became so boring to me and my results were taking too long.  At least, I thought it was. I was eating healthy, or so I thought, but come to find out I wasn’t eating enough, in hindsight. And “fitness”, just wasn’t making me happy.

After that attempt, I decided I was going to go back to Crossfit.  I started Crossfit years ago but with my schedule added to my low confidence in my performance, I wasn’t motivated to keep going.

After seeing my friends progress with doing Crossfit, I decided to give it a shot again.  And whenever I would talk to her about body image, she always use to say “worry about getting stronger, and the rest will come.”

I didn’t understand that until 6 months into my Crossfit Journey.  My body did change and I didn’t care if my biceps were bigger than the man next to me or if I didn’t have a coca-cola body shape.  My concern was getting strong and being able to do things with my body that I thought I couldn’t do.

I saw female coaches and just my fellow female gym-mates, killing it.  I admired that.  I had those same coaches, pushing me out of my comfort zone and believing in me.

I stopped following social media accounts that made me feel like I had to look a certain way.  I started loving my body and what it could do vs. what I looked like.

Every few weeks I would check in with my body fat to see if I made any progress but that stopped after a while. I stopped caring about my body fat percentage and whether my waist was small enough and I started focusing on my performance.

10 months into my fitness journey, I completed my first powerlifting meet.  Before that I participated in the Crossfit Open and another Crossfit event called Fight Gone Bad hosted at Crossfit South Brooklyn.

Participating in those events, made me even more aware that I no longer cared about what my waist size was or what my body looked like.  It made me care more about, lifting heavier weights and beating my last time.

Now my goal is just to love my body just the way it is, make progress in my performance and get strong vs trying to attain the perfect body.

And what a better way to represent that in my favorite tee from Thirteen Fit Apparel.

I’ve come to love the journey.  And that’s all that matters.






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