No matter how I feel…I’m going to do it anyway!

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1 year ago, I verbally committed to focusing on my brand. I started this blog but did nothing with it. Sat on the plenty of great ideas for a whole year.  Here and there I would write a blog, but was never consistent.  As I am, with some areas of my life.  Sometimes I start something and end up not seeing it to completion.

4 days ago, I committed to write a blog post for 7 days straight.

Tonight as I sit here, not inspired, I decided to do it anyway because I said I would.

I often based on how I feel but this past year, I have learned that if live your life, based off of feelings, you won’t ever get anything done. Trust me, I know.  I work a full-time job, and have two kids that I have to raise and whoa am I tired once I get home.  That is one area of my life, that I can’t truly live out, based on how I feel. If I do, who would take care of my kids?

And……thats how I look at this blog now! It won’t write itself and it won’t build itself so I have to tend to it.  I have to stick to what I said I was going to do. This is my baby! This is something I’m passionate about.

I listen to podcast day in and day out and one thing that keeps repeating in my head is you just have to do it.  No matter how tired you are, no matter how scared you feel, no matter how ready or not you feel, just do it.  You’ll end up regretting years down the line and think, what if I would’ve started that, I wonder where it would’ve ended up at.

So whenever I’m tired, scared, or just not feeling it, I’m going to push past those feelings and just do it.

One big lie that we tell ourselves is that, we will do it tomorrow!  And we won’t.  I said that for over 365 days and I could’ve at least had half of those days in blogs written and I’m nowhere near that. This will be my 9th post!

So whatever your goal is, your dream, your vision, tell yourself “No matter how I feel, I’m going to do it anyway.”  Because if you wait for the perfect time, it will never come!


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