Sometimes the road less traveled, is less traveled for a reason. -Jerry Seinfield.

I had a conversation with someone today that made me realize you truly have to be careful with whom you share your dream and goals to, because people without really knowing and with “good intention,” can project their fears onto you.

And I’ve learned through many conversations is that, you may be doing something that no one has ever done, or that few have done, and that’s okay.  Its okay for someone to not understand the vision that God has given you.  Its okay for people to not understand your purpose.  It’s not for them to understand.

People will give you advice based off of their fears, their life experiences and their perspective. Its their point of you and their reality, not yours.  Remember that!


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It’s okay to not talk the way the world speaks. It’s okay to be different.  It’s okay for you to be calm in the midst of the storm! It’s okay to try something new! It’s okay for you to leave something that “seems” good for you for something that better for you! It’s okay to leave your place of safety in order to go after your dream! It’s okay to fail! It’s okay to be great! It’s okay for you to BE YOU!

Not many people will understand your journey! Sometimes you may have to walk that journey yourself and figure it out along the way.  That journey will build you up and get you to your destination at your appointed time.

Don’t let anyone talk you out of you living your life and living your truth! It’s okay to walk alone!


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